Kuno & Gosia (Copenhagen)

Gosia Wolska & Kuno Rasmussen - passionate Lindy Hop dancers, instructors and performers.

Kuno has a solid background in music – playing various instruments and singing since he was young. He started to dance Lindy hop in 2009 and quickly fell in love with the dance, especially with the playfulness and musicality.

Gosia's dance adventure started back when she was a teenager. She tried different styles, from Ballroom Dance, through Salsa, to Jitterbug. In 2009, when she moved from Poland to Denmark, she encountered Lindy Hop for the first time and she fell immediately in love with the dance, especially with its great emphasis on improvisation and playfulness.

Together Kuno & Gosia have participated in numerous international competitions in Lindy Hop with top rankings. They are one of Denmark's best swing dancers and take a pride in sharing the joy of the dance through teaching. With their musical understanding, they are always playing with rhythmical improvisations in the dance, something they love to share with their students in class.