Course registration steps

Step 1

    • You can register as a single or with a dance partner
      • If you are choosing single registration please be aware that we are trying to achieve a good follower/leader ratio and you might be on a waiting list for a while.
      • If you are choosing partner registration make sure your partner is truely in the same level as you. If your partner is asked to move to a lower level, you may be asked to move with them.
      • Each partner registers by themselves giving their partners details (full name and email).
      • If you are not sure which level to choose, it is usually better to pick the lower level. That keeps the stress out of learning new things. Our camp is not competitive, just enjoy yourself and have fun!
      • Special tracks can be choosen as an indication of your preference, participation will be finalized once we are there. You can choose these independently of your dance partner.
    • After sending your registration data you will receive an automatic reply containing your registration data given. This is not a confirmation yet.

Step 2

    • Once your registration has been checked you will receive a mail confirmation containing your course registration ID as well as a link for apartment booking.
    • Each partner of a partner registration receives confirmation details when registrations have been matched.
    • Please carry on with apartment booking as soon as you have the confirmation mail.