Course prices / levels


per person, including:

  • 10 hours of Lindy Hop classes
  • 7,5 hours of special tracks*
  • 3 hours of guided practice
  • 3 parties with Live band
  • 2 parties with DJ music

*Special tracks to choose from Lindy Hop Aerials, Jazz Routine and Balboa

Early Bird

until 15th November 2018



16th November 2018 to 15th February 2019



after 16th February 2019


Lindy Hop Levels

Below you find descriptions of the levels which give you an orientation which you should sign up for. We are not planning on doing auditions, but if there is an overhang in one level will use the first morning session to reassess your level.

Since there will be no beginner class, you should make sure that you match the requirements of the Intermediate level before you join the camp.


You have been dancing about 5 months, you know 6-count-basics und 8-count swing outs and circles, Charleston basics including Tandem Charleston.


You have been dancing Lindy Hop at least two years, you can mix and match figures and rhythms, you have had your first experiences with musicality and want to work on your leading- and following-techniques.


You are in very good control of your basics, and have plenty of experience with social dancing. You can lead or follow clearly and are comfortable with slow and fast tempos. You want to have more smooth lead/follow technique with some more complex connections. Your aim at this point is to improve your dance quality as well as learning challenching new moves.