Apartment booking steps

There are three options to book an accomodation

  • single
  • with a room mate
  • as a group

All types of accomodation are listed and described here.

Step 1

  • If you would like to share a bedroom with your partner or a particular person we suggest you choose couple booking. Please be aware that for couple bookings
      • only one of you needs to go through the booking process
      • you need the course registration ID of the person you do the booking for
      • there will only be one bill for both of you.
  • You have the opportunity to let us know what your prefered alternative would be if we can't offer the type of apartment you selected.
  • Before starting apartment booking please make sure you have course registration IDs of all parties you want to book for at hand.
  • Groups: If you would like to share a whole apartment with a group of people this cannot be done via the accomodation booking form. Please get in touch with us directly via info@campcanary.net once all of you have received their course registration IDs.
  • After sending your accomodation data you will receive an automatic reply containing your data given.

Step 2

    • Once you have been assigned to an apartment you will receive a mail confirmation containing your apartment ID as well as payment information for course and apartment.