Booking -

General Information

Everything will take place at the La Santa Ressort. For that reason course registration is only available in combination with accomodation booking. We have reserved a number of different apartments specifically for Camp Canary at La Santa.

Registration process - how does it work?

Please start with registering yourself via the registration link. We will send you a confirmation mail containing a separate link for apartment booking once we checked your data.

Dance partners vs room mates

For the course you have the option to sign on with a partner (not necessarily your room mate). This can be anyone you agreed to partner up with - important is that you are leader and follower. Your dance partner has to register himself or herself as well refering to you (name, email).

For the apartments you have the option to sign on with a room mate (not necessarily your dance partner). This is the person you will be sharing a bedroom with. Please agree beforehand which one of you does the apartment booking, since only one of you has to do this part.


If you want to sign on as a single (course or accomodation) - no problem! We will try and make sure that there is a good follower/leader ratio. Followers might have to wait for confirmation whilst we wait for a matching leader to register. For accomodation booking we try to find you a room mate of the same sex.


Once course and apartment are settled you will receive a mail with the payment details.

Please note: The person who issues the apartment request will receive a bill for both course and accomodation, their room mate only for the course. Both - course and appartment fees are to be payed to us.

    • After receiving our confirmation of registration and apartment, please pay the full amount within 7 days.
    • If we don't receive payment within 7 days, we are free to give your place in Camp Canary as well as your accomodation to someone else.