Doc Scanlon's Cool Cat Combo

After the amazing success of the last Camp Canary and various Munich Lindy Exchanges, we are proud to announce that we were once again able to convince Doc Scanlon's Cool Cat Combo to assemble from all around the world to play for you.

Spanning the Atlantic Ocean, Doc Scanlon's Cool Cat Combo claim home addresses in New York (Bassist-leader Doc), Barcelona (Clarinetist Juli & Drummer Marti) and St. Petersburg, Russia (Banjoist Mikha) and a burgeoning international following.

The music they love to play is Hot Swing Jazz & Blues of the 1920's, 30's & 40's, and they excel at the dance rhythms of that colorful period.

Wherever the Cool Cats are playing it’s obvious the band is having fun, their energy takes over their audience, who always go away happy!

And they know what swing dancing is all about - watching them on the dance floor is a real treat as well.