Welcome to Camp Canary


we are Gitta and Markus from Munich in Germany and we are organizing Camp Canary 2020 in Club La Santa on Lanzarote.

We did this already for the first time in 2019 and it was a great success, a very joyous and cheerful event.

We ourselves are Lindyhoppers (and a bit of Balboistas as well in the meantime :-) ), but we are no dancing teachers.

Therefor we found a wonderful crew of teachers, and we are very happy, they will join us again in 2020.

They are:

  • Oksana and Vitalij from Kijv in Ukraine
  • Andrea and Mario from Zagreb in Croatia
  • Christine von Scheidt and Franky from Munich in Germany
  • Frenchie and Walter, who are also from Munich.

And the same with Doc Scanlon and his fantastic Three Cool Cats - they also agreed already to be with us again!

Now - there is one important thing to be mentioned: as we said, we are dancing Lindy Hop and Balboa ourselves and have a lot of fun in that, in our everyday live we have ordinary jobs for a living and organizing a dance camp is nothing we do to earn money with.

On the other hand it is necessary to get some money to pay the teachers and the band properly and do get all the stuff you need besides.

And so some of our friends, who took part in 2019 encouraged us to announce Camp Canary 2020 with a pre-booking-phase, where everone, who is sure, he oder she will take part, commits himself with a deposit.

That means – if we have enough commitments until the end of September this year – then it will really take place. If there really shouldn’t be enough interest, then we call the whole thing off and everybody gets his money back. – This in short the plan.

Where are we right now? Well, being optimistic we we did already quite a lot of the basic organisation.

The scheme of the timetable is more or less fixed, the apartments are blocked, the Disco and all teaching facilities are reserved, so on this part (hopefully) nothing should go wrong. We thought of one new detail as well: as we will be doing quite a lot of dancing, bones and muscles usually suffer a lot.. And to compensate this, we included half an hour of yoga every day after the last lessons. Nothing too special, so that everone can take part (there is no need to twist the legs behind the neck and walk on the hands to take part), but just enough, to release and relax.

So we really hope you will enjoy this. And: the earlier you do register, the earlier we can fix that thing and tell you: it will be!

So hurry up - we keep you tuned!


Gitta and Markus

Meanwhile all teachers have confirmed - last year's dream team is complete again and will be reunited!

All the teachers confirmed!

Oksana & Vitalii - Andrea & Mario - Christine von Scheidt & Franky Doo - Walter & Frencie